Don’t ignore the snore!

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There is a lot of information about obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and its health consequences. We know that sleep apnoea- when you stop breathing at night causes reduced oxygen levels in the body and leads to oxidative stress and eventually endothelial dysfunction. Endothelial dysfunction leads to plaque formations in the arteries, ultimately causing atherosclerosis and this is the basic mechanism for stokes, heart attacks, increased blood pressure etc. The research is somewhat torn as to whether mild to moderate OSA leads to cardiovascular health consequences, but there is no doubt severe obstructive sleep apnoea OSA causes three to five times increased risk of dying from cardiovascular events. ( stroke/ heart attack etc)

The repetitive micro awakenings ( you are not aware of them) will also cause the fatigue, irritability, depression and reduced performance etc.

Recent research has shown that snoring alone, even in the absence of apnoea ( stopped breathing) can cause atherosclerosis (plaque formation) of the carotid arteries (These are the major arteries in your neck that supply the blood to your brain). It is assumed the atherosclerosis occurs due to the direct vibration associated with snoring.

So bottom line is, don’t ignore the snore!

In further blogs I will talk about some simple solution you can try to stop / reduce your snoring. In the mean time if you’re suffering from snoring, poor sleep, fatigue, and your partner’s had enough don’t ignore the problem. Help is at hand.

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