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TMJ Centre Melbourne is your TMJ Dentist and TMJ Chiropractor dedicated to resolving chronic jaw, face, head and neck pain via holistic TMJ treatment options.

Unlike any other TMJ clinic in Australia or the world, TMJ Centre Melbourne combines Dental and Chiropractic services to help achieve optimal treatment outcomes for patients. Our Doctors at TMJ Centre Melbourne have over 50 years’ combined experience. The connection between Dental and Chiropractic treatment for TMJ concerns is realised through the experience of our Doctor’s and outstanding patient results.

There’s no reason to put up with pain any longer! By working together in the same location, Dr Shah and our TMJ chiropractor can quickly and effectively treat patients with TMJ concerns in a few short appointments.


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5 signs your headache is caused by a TMJ Disorder

5 signs your headache is caused by a TMJ Disorder

With busy schedules, a headache can become a normal inconvenience to your day. A number of common causes of a headache include: Poor postureSkipped mealsChanges in sleep patternLack of sleepCertain foodsStress What many patients don’t know is headaches can be a common sign of an underlying medical issue which needs to be seriously addressed. This […]


What causes ear and jaw pain?

Ear and jaw pain can be caused by referred pain, as well as certain medical conditions. If you are experiencing ear and jaw pain, you will know that the issues can be very uncomfortable. In many cases, pain affects the ear and jaw at the same time because they are located so close together. Ear […]

woman demonstrating tmj exercise

Exercises for TMJ pain

If you suffer from TMJ-related pain, at-home exercises can often help provide relief. TMJ dysfunction can lead to considerable pain and discomfort. Common symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include headaches, jaw pain, back pain, face pain, ear pain, neck pain, fatigue and shoulder pain. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, it can be […]

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