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TMJ Centre Melbourne offers a wide variety of payment options for patients looking to receive treatment for TMJ, headaches and sleep concerns.

How much does TMJ treatment cost?

It is important to remember that all patients are unique and as such, treatment costs may vary greatly.

The cost of the initial consultation is between $295 and $340 depending on whether you just see the Dentist or both Dentist and Chiropractor together.

Payment plans are offered once a deposit is paid through DentiCare – available at 0% interest, and payments can be arranged over 6-12 month periods to help patients with budgeting.

If neuromuscular orthotics are required, our programs may cost between $1650 – $6810 depending on what is assessed at the initial appointment. These costs include review fees in each program.

Our most extensive program is a four month program for those that need to stabilise their jaws – perhaps due to dislocation, or to aid in healing chronic inflammation in the jaw joints and/or to address cranial/structural involvement. This program requires compliancy of fortnightly appointments where we closely monitor progress.  We make necessary corrections during review appointments, focusing on cranial/structural issues whilst also monitoring whether the orthotics need adjustment with the changes that occur along the way.

Two types of orthotics are needed for this program, a neuromuscular day appliance and also one for night wear.  Eventually you are weaned from the day appliance and continue to wear a night appliance to stop future injury.

Of course not everyone falls into the four month treatment category as mentioned above.  It may be that you need another course of action which could range between $2150 – $2625.  These costs also include two follow up reviews.

Item numbers are available at the initial consultation for the various treatment options recommended, so that rebates can be sourced through patients Private Health Insurance.

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DentiCare Payment Plans

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At TMJ Centre Melbourne we care about making sure you get the best treatment you deserve which is why we offer DentiCare Payment Plans as a convenient and easy way to budget and pay for your oral care. DentiCare Payment Plans are simple, flexible and are tailored to suit you. There are no complicated finance contracts, no credit checks or any interest to pay.

Ask us how a no interest DentiCare Payment Plan can get you into treatment straight away.

SuperCare Finance

SuperCare is a finance option, which has helped countless Australians to have access to important medical care. SuperCare works by allowing early release of you Superannuation to pay for medical treatment. Although a common process, many Australians are unaware that this can be an option available to them.

SuperCare provides and stress-free solution that simplifies the Application for the Early Release of Superannuation, via the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). SuperCare is a unique solution that is focused on making patients feel informed and supported throughout the whole process.

This payment option is ideal for a family that:

  • Does not have the relevant, or sufficient, private health insurance
  • May not have access to sufficient, available funds
  • Does have one member with Superannuation funds

SuperCare’s consultants are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have so you can focus on your health and not your finances. The TMJ Centre Melbourne team can also help with any questions you may have about this process.

Contact us for more information about SuperCare!