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Melbourne’s unique TMJ dentist and chiropractic team offers 50 years’ combined experience in TMJ treatment & relief.

TMJ Centre Melbourne is your jaw pain dentist and chiropractor dedicated to resolving chronic pain and delivering relief via neuromuscular TMJ treatment options. We are also able to treat snoring and sleep apnoea so you can wake refreshed again and enjoy life once more.

For TMJ treatments to be successful, a multi-faceted approach is often required which is why Dr Shah (TMJ Dentist) and our TMJ Chiropractor started the first centre dedicated to treating TMJ dysfunction in 2012.

A unique approach to the treatment of TMJ disorders and sleep apnoea

Many dentists, doctors and chiropractors are not trained in specifically treating the temporomandibular joints. After years of Dr Shah referring patients to chiropractors trained in this area and vice versa, it became obvious what patients really needed.

After experiencing the symptoms of TMJ himself, Dr Shah realised that there was a lack of clinics that provided fast and effective relief for TMJ disorders and sleep apnoea. Because of this, he decided to see patients with a chiropractor as opposed to seeing a patient individually. Sure enough, they noticed after working together, that patients got much better and did so faster.

With a Dentist and Chiropractor on hand in the same room at the same time, TMJ Centre Melbourne is able to provide patients with holistic solutions. For problems that are not severe or chronic, Dr Shah can see patients on a one-to-one basis as sometimes all they require is an orthotic to alleviate their TMJ pain. Our goal is to always provide an individually tailored plan to provide relief in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

TMJ Pain

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Our TMJ pain relief doctors combine a range of treatment options for dealing with jaw pain.

Dr Meetal Shah

About Us

Dr Shah, holistic dentist, graduated from Manchester University in England with Honours in 1998. He has also completed a Masters course in Sleep Medicine at Sydney University. He is also a committee member of the Australian Chapter of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain.

His postgraduate experience has included training with major leaders in the field of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and Dental Sleep Medicine. Having suffered from symptoms of this disorder personally, Dr Shah understands the impacts these issues can have on your lifestyle and your wellbeing. He is passionate about holistic treatments, and the importance of treating the body as a whole. Through treating himself he has gained a lot of thorough insights into what truly works. Dr Shah has successfully helped hundreds of patients regain their quality of life by offering TMJ pain relief solutions and sleep dentistry.

American Academy of Craniofacial Pain

Dr Jonathan Lubetzky

Jonathan Lubetzky

Dr Jonathan (Chiropractor) graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2005. Prior to this, Jonathan completed a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology in 2000 at the University of Auckland (NZ). He is a member of the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA).

Certified in Sacro-Occpital Technique and trained in Chirodontics (the study of body biomechanics and its relation to TMJ/Cranial function), Jonathan uses a variety of advanced up to date neuro-muscular and cranial techniques to restore bio-mechanical and neurological balance to the whole body. With a specific interest in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and sleep medicine, he has attended many postgraduate courses with leaders in the field from Australia and abroad. This has led Jonathan to work closely with dentists to co-treat chronic head, neck and face pain, jaw dysfunctions, sleep disorders and enhance athletic performance.

Jonathan takes the time to listen, educate and guide his patients through solving their healthcare puzzle. His holistic whole-body approach enables him to better understand each patient’s unique situation and the connections that exist between proper jaw function, body posture, breathing, sleep, nutrition, genetics and your environment. This multi-faceted approach has helped many patients resolve pain and restore quality of life.

Dr Nikita Gosrani

About Us

Dr Nikita Gosrani (Nikki) graduated from Cardiff university (UK)  with honours in Bachelor of dental surgery and a Bachelor of dental science in oral disease. Since then she has worked as a holistic dentist  in New Zealand and Australia.

She has attended many postgraduate courses with leaders of  the field in TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine. Having seen the life-changing impact that successful treatment can have, Nikki is dedicated to helping as many people as she can and is passionate about achieving overall wellbeing for her patients.

She is now happily settled in Melbourne with a young family and loves exploring all that Melbourne has to offer.

Dr Eric Dowker

It is with great sadness to announce Dr Eric Dowker passed away in 2019. Dr Eric Dowker was the co founder of TMJ Centre Melbourne and a truly gifted practitioner. He will be dearly missed and his passion for helping others, constantly improving his work and continued education was (is) an inspiration to all of us at TMJ Centre Melbourne.