TMJ Disorder – The causes and symptoms

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TMJ Syndrome can occur without you knowing. Here are the causes and symptoms.

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) is the jawbone that connects with the temporal bone of the skull. This is in front and just below the ear, and there is one on each side of the face. When there is disruption between the jaw joints and associated muscles, this is called TMJ Disorder. But what causes this, and are there any symptoms that can be identified before becoming worse? Read below to find out.

TMJ Disorder Symptoms

Without knowing the symptoms, it can often be hard to identify TMJ disorder. Depending on how severe the TMJ Disorder is, sometimes the symptoms can disappear over time without treatment. However, treatment may be required if the condition becomes worse with pain. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Pain in cheek muscles
  • Jaw join pain
  • Grinding at night

If you are currently noticing any of these symptoms but unsure if its related to TMJ Disorder, complete our TMJ Questionnaire to find out if you are suffering from TMJ Disorder.

What causes TMJ Disorder?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one main cause of TMJ disorder. The foundation of the problem is usually a result of a combination of different causes. As a result of this, it can often be difficult to identify the original cause of the problem. Here at TMJ Centre Melbourne, we believe in taking a holistic approach in finding the most appropriate treatment for the causes.

Some of the more identifiable causes for TMJ Disorder include:

  • Misaligned bite – usually occurs from uneven teeth or incorrect positioning of the jaw
  • Nighttime grinding of teeth (also known as bruxism)
  • Stresses on the neck and lower back.

TMJ Disorder Treatments at TMJ Centre Melbourne

Here at TMJ Centre, our experienced team of dentists works very closely with our experienced chiropractor to help treat TMJ disorder while providing a long-lasting result.

If you are noticing symptoms that are associated with TMJ disorder, contact us and we will organize a comprehensive and dynamic diagnosis with our leading dentist Dr Shah and chiropractor Dr Lubetzky where they will find the most appropriate treatment for your situation.