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TMD and TMJ Disorder Diagnosis Melbourne

Why are TMJ and related problems so hard to diagnose?

The majority of TMJ specialist dental providers in Melbourne, Australia are not specially trained in neuromuscular diagnosis and treatment. While the causes of TMJ/TMD may include tooth grinding, physical injury, structural issues and several underlying disorders, we combine a unique neuromuscular approach that addresses the underlying causes of your bite problems. To truly understand TMJ one has to understand the complex relationships between teeth, muscles, jaw joints, cranium, neck, brain, and the nervous system.

At TMJ Centre Melbourne, we have a unique approach to treating TMJ disorders and sleep apnoea, as we combine the services of a dentist specialist and chiropractor. Working closely together at the same time, we ensure that the base cause of your ill-health are addressed and fully amended.

As a professional and experienced dentist, Dr Shah can correct any issues with your bite, teeth, or the position in which you hold your jaw, with the main focus always being on reducing stress upon the TMJ and improved breathing. He works in close consultation with our TMJ chiropractor, a chiropractor who reduces dysfunction within other areas of the body, particularly in the cranium, hips, neck, and back to diminish or remove the pressure that the body is placing on the TMJ.

Only at TMJ Centre Melbourne can you receive such comprehensive and holistic treatment for symptoms of TMJ/TMD.

Please come in for our comprehensive TMJ diagnosis.