You’ve been told you need surgery to correct your TMJ pain…

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As with other TMJ joints pain in the body surgery is a treatment of last resort whenalternative treatment has proved ineffective. Surgery should really be restricted for those who are born with or develop jaw malformations and patients with true arthritis where the head of the jaw has loose fragments of bone or severely broken down condyle and may need reshaping or replacement.

According to the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the American Academy of Orofacial Pain 95% of patients suffering from TMJ/ TMD should be treated non surgically or without surgery. In our office even patients with degenerating jaw joints have become pain free with NON SURGICAL treatment.

TMJ/ TMD often has more than one symptom, and usuallyoccurs due to many underlying causes happening at the same time, such as a combination of dislocated jaw joints, breathing dysfunction, dysfunction in the spine / cranium, stress, poor sleep, anxiety, stress, sleep disordered breathing, clenching / grinding, poor nutrition, generalised inflammation due to poor diet. Thats why a holistic approach is so fundamental to treating TMJ/TMD.

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