Is there an Alternative to Using a CPAP Machine?

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TMJ Centre Melbourne offer a less invasive, more comfortable, alternative to the CPAP machine

With quite a few treatment options for sleep apnoea and snoring available, it can be difficult to know which is the best choice for you. The most well-known treatment option is the CPAP machine. Lots of people know about it, and it is quite widely used.

While an effective treatment, the CPAP machine has, according to recent studies, recorded a low compliancy rate. This results in ineffective treatment. And not because CPAP doesn’t work, but rather because of how uncomfortable many people find it. However, the CPAP machine is only one option.

If you’re looking for an alternative that will help you get the treatment you need, without compromising sleep—TMJ Centre Melbourne has the answer for you.

How TMJ Centre Melbourne treats sleep apnoea

At TMJ Centre Melbourne we don’t just offer the CPAP machine. Even though it is still considered the best treatment option for obstructive sleep apnoea, many cannot tolerate the CPAP machine.

This is why we prefer an approach that treats the position of your jaw, head and neck to reduce (or remove) the pressure on your airways. This is done with our multi pronged approach: a blend of dentistry, myofunctional therapy, and chiropractic care as well as working with naturopaths, ENTs and breathing dysfunction therapist as necessary.

Dr Shah will design a MAS (mandibular advancement splint), which can gently move your jaw forward and down. our TMJ chiropractor will then use chiropractic methods to ensure your airways are as clear as possible and your nasal breathing is functioning at optimal levels.  This unique approach is unlike any other in Australia or the world!

What are mandibular advancement splints?

Mandibular advancement splints (MAS), also known as a biteplate, looks something like a mouthguard and is worn at night while you sleep.  This device is less invasive than the CPAP machine. They also have the added benefit of allowing you to sleep more comfortably than wearing the CPAP machine in bed.

This treatment option is a successful alternative to the CPAP machine, which has allowed many patients to receive the treatment they desperately need. This biteplate gently holds your lower jaw in the ideal position to avoid airway collapse and is used in conjunction with biomechanics. Following this, our TMJ chiropractor will ensure sure the diaphragm and muscles that stop your airway collapsing are working effectively. This provides patients with a holistic approach, to help create comfortable and effective treatment outcomes.

TMJ Centre Melbourne’s alternatives to the CPAP machine

Our alternatives to CPAP machine are not just one treatment: but rather a treatment plan designed to improve your overall health. By taking this approach to patient care, the team at TMJ Centre Melbourne are able to help you receive the best treatment outcomes for your individual needs.

For more information on TMJ Centre Melbourne’s approach to treating sleep apnoea and snoring, or to request an appointment, please contact us today.