What is the best treatment for TMJ headaches?

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In our blog, Do headaches occur with TMJ?, we looked at how TMJ headaches can mimic tension and sinus type headaches as well as migraines. In that blog we also addressed how many dentists and GPs are trained to associate only tension headaches with TMJ pain, and why this is problematic.

We then followed it up with a blog (Why does TMJ cause headaches?) discussing why TMJ pain is in fact responsible for different types of headaches as well as migraines and why this happens. In this blog we want to look at the best treatment for TMJ Headaches, so you can receive some relief.

Best treatment for TMJ headaches

The severity of your TMJ pain, its causes and where your headaches are, often determine what will be the best treatment for you.

TMJ Centre Melbourne offer a range of treatments including:

  • Custom neuromuscular orthotics
  • muscle relaxant injections
  • chiropractic care

Depending on the severity of your condition; you may require one or a combination of the above treatment options to get some relief.

Custom neuromuscular orthotics

Not dissimilar in appearance to splints, custom neuromuscular orthotics are in fact quite different. This treatment option allows the muscles to relax and maintain ideal joint function. This helps towards eliminating clicking, locking and associated pain.

This treatment is custom-designed to fit your teeth and is placed on your lower arch. The neuromuscular orthotic is see-through and thin. So, once you become accustomed to wearing it, you will barely notice it’s there.

The exact efficacy of this treatment does differ from patient to patient. For best results, it is sometimes necessary to combine this treatment with chiropractic care.

Muscle relaxant injections

Typically associated with beauty treatments, this treatment option has proven to be beneficial at alleviating symptoms. After all, the whole point of this treatment is to relax muscles. And if you’re suffering tension headaches, what better way to manage that problem then with muscle relaxant injections?

This treatment option works by injecting the muscle relaxants into specific muscle areas around the jaw. This helps minimise grinding and clenching. Which in turn can help alleviate tension headaches.

Chiropractic care

The stereotype of the chiropractor is someone who cracks backs. But this is barely a drop in the ocean of what a chiropractor actually does. As well as the adjustment of your back, a chiropractor can adjust your cranium, neck and spine, perform myofascial release, and active release therapy.

This, in conjunction with dental care, can help your body start to heal sooner.  Chiropractic care for TMJ headaches involves realigning your body to help reduce pain related to your TMJ. Treating neck and spine issues with chiropractic care can help to reduce nerve pressure, which can provide relief.

Visiting a TMJ dentist

Our TMJ dentist, Dr Shah works with in-house chiropractors to provide you with a holistic approach to TMJ pain management.

At our practice, we believe surgery should be a last resort. This is—partly—why we offer a wide range of treatments from a dentist and chiropractor. By carefully assessing your health, we can determine what is the most appropriate treatment option for your specific needs.

If you are looking to treat your TMJ headaches but aren’t sure what option will work best for you, or if your headaches are even caused by your TMJ pain, contact TMJ Centre Melbourne today.